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Maine Bull Moose

Even in northern Maine – where moose can outnumber people! – you need a little help finding the elusive Maine moose. Northeast Whitewater’s popular moose watching tours go into the natural habitats and secret hiding places of the Maine moose with Registered Maine guides. Whether you choose a Maine Moose Tour, or a Private Maine Moose Safari your tour will include fascinating facts about Maine wildlife, Maine moose and the Maine outdoors—and the chance to capture the perfect Maine moose photo. The excitement of seeing the majestic Maine moose in person – and in its own habitat – is not to be missed, and a wonderful family or group activity. Maine moose can weigh over 1,000 pounds and stand over seven feet just to their shoulders! And yet despite the massive size of the Maine moose, it can be very hard to find, even on a Maine moose watching trip. Northeast Whitewater’s Maine Moose Tours, Maine Moose Safaris and Maine Moose and Wildlife Tours go on foot or by canoe to proven Maine moose hideouts, and give you the chance to take a Maine moose photo – or even sketch or paint a Maine moose.



Northeast Whitewater’s Maine Moose Tours


Our most popular Maine moose watching option, our Maine Moose Tours depart in the morning or evening for a half-day of Maine moose fun, leaving you plenty of time for shopping, fishing, exploring and more before or after your Maine Moose Watching Tour. Choose morning Maine moose watching tours to be listening to the cry of the loons and observing deer, hares, eagles and more Maine wildlife before most people have started their day. Maine moose are also very active foraging for food in the evening, so if you aren’t an early riser, depart on an evening Maine Moose watching tour. No matter what departure time you choose, you’ll be with a Northeast Whitewater’s Registered Maine Guide eager to share our secrets about Maine moose hideouts, Maine wildlife and our love of Maine.


Private Maine Moose Safaris


Private, personalized Maine moose watching expeditions into the North Maine Woods, our Maine Moose Safaris provide private van tours and canoe tours into our secret spots around pristine Moosehead Lake and Greenville, Maine. Bring your camera to capture photos of Maine moose and other Maine wildlife, or arrange a more leisurely Maine Moose Safari that allows you to sketch or paint Maine moose, Maine wildlife and Maine scenery. Your personal Registered Maine Guide will answer your questions about the Maine moose and its environment, Maine wildlife and our way of life up here in Northern Maine.